Backbone Lake

Saturday we kayaked Backbone Lake, near Strawberry Point, IA. The lake was busy with the kayak and canoe rentals, as well as a few fishing boats. The lake is limited to trolling motors only, so there were no wakes to deal with. Starting at the ramp across from the swimming beach, we traveled 1.6 miles up river. The ramp is located between the two dams, but there is little current and no problem with getting too close. You have to have an idea where the main channel is, because it gets pretty shallow in spots. Two of our paddlers ran up on a barely submerged sandbar. When I looked back, they were walking up the middle of the lake, pulling their kayaks! This was also the first voyage for my kayak trailer. Everything went well, but I am going to make a few revisions to enhance safety. All in all, a scenic and fun afternoon!

Enjoy the pics!

Failed Kayak Launch

This has been bouncing around the net, but if you haven’t seen it – it is hilarious. What you don’t see is that these guys wiggled the boat down a wide set of steps before they finally got to the water. Enjoy!

Upcoming Events

Team Kayak enjoyed the day at Backbone Lake. The trailer was on the road. With a few tweaks we should be ready to haul all 5 of our boats safely.  Other planned trips, including the float from Osborne Nature Center down to Littleport, await. We have also decided to make it back to Lake MacBride again this summer.

In the meantime, thanks to all the blog visitors and commenters! Keep your input coming.


Trailer Talk

OK – we have been hauling an increasing number of kayaks using a variety of methods. We have two on a nice Yakima system on my son’s car, and three tied in the back of our small pickup truck. I think it is time for a trailer that can carry at least 4 kayaks, and can be converted to normal trailer use, such as hauling my lawn tractor. The internet provides an interesting variety of designs, some of which don’t appear entirely roadworthy.

I’m thinking about a 9×5 trailer, with bolt-on supports for the kayaks, which can then be un-bolted when the trailer is needed for other things. Any ideas or suggestions out there?