SOF Kayak Build

Hello! This category will follow my build of a 12-foot skin-on-frame (SOF) kayak.

The frame will be pine and the covering will be #10 cotton duck canvas. I have already begun to accumulate necessary tools and fasteners. Follow along as this first ever building project moves along.

I can’t really do this until spring arrives, since my “workshop” will be in my unattached (and unheated) garage. No time like the present to get ready. My plans and templates arrived yesterday. I have already bought a bandsaw – to cut out the rib pieces, and a table saw to rip the keel and the 11 strakes. I need a pocket hole jig, a wood chisel or two, and more clamps. I also have purchased a pull saw, a decent carpenter’s square, and various wood clamps. I have a corded and cordless drill and a small power sander.

Pics to follow!

Happy Holidays!

Fall has flown by, and no kayaking for me! Anyway, Team Kayak is already looking forward to spring, even as our boats settle in for a long winter’s nap. I hope you asked Santa for some related items – items that will enhance your 2010 float season. Let me know what you get that you can’t wait to use on that favorite river or stream!

Best wishes to all!