Getting closer

Ok – I know it’s still January, and we are dealing mostly with freezing rain, but I continue to accumulate materials for the canvas kayak project. I now have the cotton duck canvas I will use to cover the wood frame. My friendly neighborhood mailman was glad I picked up the big roll of canvas at the post office. I also relieved Wal-Mart of some closed-cell foam that I can use for seat padding.

I have decided also to make my wife a Greenland paddle, since she likes mine so well. To that end, I need a jigsaw – which will help with the boat, too, as well as a good bench plane, and a combination square. That’s a simple device, but invaluable for measuring and drawing straight lines, square with the board. Now to find the perfect 2X4……….


Happy 2010!

Welcome to the new year, one that promises much quality time on the water for Team Kayak, and, I hope, for you as well! I am working on getting what I need to build a kayak this spring. Check it out in my SOF Kayak Build category. Unfortunately, I cannot start on the boat until spring arrives, as I have no indoor workshop. Oh, well – I can’t use the kayak now anyway.

Kyle will be moving to Clear Lake, IA this spring to begin his career upon graduating from college. We are planning some trips up there to enjoy the lake, both the kayaking and some fishing. My wife has promised to spend more time on the water and less on the shore this summer, too. Welcome aboard!

Anyway, Happy New Year and we’ll all keep wishing for an early spring!

Christmas goodies

Well, Santa helped me get closer to having what I need to build the SOF kayak. He brought me the plans for the boat, and many tools, large and small. I now have a 10-inch table saw to rip the keel and strakes. I have wood chisels, a pocket hole jig, more clamps (never enough of those!), screws of various lengths, a pocket plane, pull saw, a new large toolbox just for the kayak project, with pull-out compartments for screws and other small objects, a carpenter’s square, and a nice electric staple gun to help with the canvas–even stainless steel staples!

My father gave me his Black & Decker Workmate once upon a time – I hope I still have it buried in my shed! That would be ideal for holding the frame as I assemble it. Progress is evident here. It’s too bad we are still in the icy grip of early January!