Sit-On-Top for Pops!

UPDATE! April 12, 2010

FLASH!! I have indeed purchased the Perception Sport Pescador 12 from West Marine. They have them back in stock now. I am awaiting an email confirming tracking on the truck shipment of the boat.- here is a link – see what ya think!

Perception Pescador 12

Could it be – – Spring?

Finally – we enjoyed a 60-degree day on Sunday, March 14. It was a bit breezy, but sunny and warm. The swollen rivers in Iowa are dropping now, and while they are too active for safe paddling, a few more days should really help.
We went out and checked our favorite put-ins on the Maquoketa River around Manchester. It was amazing to see how high the water had been last week – much sand deposited on the boat ramps, etc, but everyone on Team Kayak is very itchy to hit the water.
I am ready to start building my 12-foot SOF – almost ready to take over the garage for my workshop and have at it. There is also talk of a new SOT 11.5 Perception for Pops – we shall see.
I hope you are stirring and getting ready to hit the water for a new paddling season. Think safety first and have fun!