Beautiful new paddle

Even though time on the water has been minimal, I have picked up some more nice kayaking equipment. A retirement gift to myself is a beautiful Bending Branches ergonomic wooden paddle. Check out the link below. My first comment to the team was. “It’s too pretty to use!” I can’t wait to try it out – it sure feels good in the hands.

Bending Branches

Soggy Summer

Well – I haven’t been doing much on this blog because I haven’t been doing much on the water! Iowa had a very wet June, and it is continuing into July. Rivers are swollen and carrying debris, some places have received 6 or more inches of rain in one day, and conditions are just not good for Team Kayak.
I have retired from full-time employment, so you would think that time is on my side now. I hope things turn around, and that the fall season is long and warm. We need many sunny days now!