Wow – what a snowy winter in NE Iowa! I hope you are someone who enjoys and actively participates in winter activities. I am starting to think more about warm weather and getting back on Iowa’s lakes and rivers for another summer paddling season. I enjoy reading the accounts of our cold-weather paddlers, on the water in every month of the year. I am not equipped for that, so I wait for spring. Now that the weather has taken its first turn toward warmer times, it is time to take stock of my paddling gear.

I have already purchased better footwear for this paddling season. My cheap Wal-Mart water shoes have been replaced with quality water sandals, which still include toe protection. I will have more support, better grip on wet surfaces, and much better comfort.

I have kayaks, good wooden paddles, and now – footwear. I am hoping to build a kayak trailer that is properly set up for the task. I am leaning toward building one from a boat trailer. If I could haul 4 kayaks, keeping the center of gravity low, I would consider the project a success. This is a real priority for this year. Hauling them in my truck, spending way too much time strapping them down on an ill-equipped utility trailer, and worrying about highway safety has not worked out to my satisfaction. More on this as spring draws near.

Hang in there and stay tuned – paddling season is coming!