We’re In!

Finally – most of Team Kayak floated the Maquoketa River on Saturday. The weather had been cool and wet all morning, but when we decided to go for it anyway, the sun came out, the air warmed up, and we enjoyed a beautiful late spring afternoon.

Our two-hour float took us from just below the dam by the Manchester Fareway store, to the take-out at a very busy Bailey’s Ford Park. The river was at 5.4 ft, with a flow reported at 370 cfs. It has dropped quite a bit since then. We did not bottom out anywhere, although several times quick choices had to be made to avoid shallow water. The river is different now, partly because of the loss of the Lake Delhi dam, and partly because of trees leaning over the river that weren’t there last year. It seemed like those always popped up on a sharp bend in the river. I found myself wishing for a rudder as my 12-foot SOT swung around on those turns, sending me sideways through the low-hanging tree branches. No incidents to report, though. I did portage the little step-dam, though Ditch & Jess ran it easily.

This was also the maiden voyage of my newly-constructed kayak trailer. Look for more on this very soon, along with pics.

Welcome Summer! On to the Cedar next weekend!