On The Cedar

We spent Sunday, June 5, on the Cedar River. What a glorious afternoon! We put in below the breached dam at Palisades Kepler State Park. We floated 4 miles down to a take-out at the South Cedar Nature Reserve. We anticipated a quiet 2-hour float, but the trip took only an hour. The current was moving, but was not bothersome. The river was busy with kayakers and fishing boats. That’s a nice wide stretch of river, with plenty of room for everyone. We now anticipate a day trip from Palisades down to the Sutliff Bridge.

Further refinements continue on the new kayak trailer. I have changed the way I strap the kayaks onto the trailer, which should prevent any unwanted movement or loosening of the tie-downs. Overall, I am very pleased with the trailer project, and look forward to using it all summer.