Good work done lately on the SOF kayak. Today I added the D strake to the other side, the F strake to both sides, and the H reinforcement to one F strake. I did ruin one strake as I was putting in the final screw at the bow – it split! No good – so took it out and replaced it. No more overpowering with the drill. I replaced that strake, and all is well. Pics tomorrow!


Build that kayak!

Finally! My skin-on-frame canvas kayak is underway. I have worked to find spare time to devote to this project, and it is starting to pay off. This is my first attempt at such things, but I think it is going quite well. I am learning about power tools and other implements of destruction that I am using to create a boat out of wood and thin air.

It took quite awhile to get the rib pieces traced, cut out, trued up, and assembled into the proper form to give this boat its shape. Since then, progress has been faster and more noticeable. Some of the work I do with the table saw is difficult without help, so I have been slowed somewhat by my belief in safety first.

This is a 12-foot canvas-on-frame boat. Enjoy the pics and stay tuned!

A look at the bow, with the top strake attached

This is a shot of the center section - the cockpit

Pic showing the length of the boat

A little update here – I attached another strake – this one on the side. This is the last strake I have cut and ready at this time. The pictures below show some of the detail here. Onward!

E strake in place on the frame

This shows the detail at the front end.