Cover me!

OK – the next step here is the canvas covering for my SOF kayak. It goes without saying that I have never done this before, but I have Team Kayak lined up for a stretching/stapling/gluing session this Saturday. My goal is to get the bottom of the boat covered, as I can do the panels on the top myself. We may yet get to float this boat without having to shovel snow to do it!

UPDATE: The bottom of the boat is covered! I also have figured out how to do the seam at the bow and stern where the canvas comes together from both sides. I knew if I looked at it long enough, it would come to me.

Pics below! I hope to get the top covered before Halloween.

Prime Time

I finally got organized early enough in the day that the wind wasn’t a problem. I wanted to spray the first coat of latex primer on my wood frame. I had purchased a Wagner Power Painter for this and some other jobs around the place. This was my first experience with such a device. I must say it performed as advertised, although I think it would plug up rather easily. I had no problems and got a pretty uniform coat on this complex structure. I will let this dry for 2 or 3 days, then apply another coat in final preparation for the canvas.

Here are some photos of today’s work.


UPDATE! It has been a good day. I now have the frame smoothed and sanded and ready for paint. A couple more – and better – pics of the project.

The photo below is a long shot looking toward the front- the bow.

I have now completed the wood construction portion of the SOF project. Yesterday I added the final strake and fashioned the floor for the cockpit. The floor is screwed down, but not glued, per the instructions. Next step is to plane/sand off all sharp edges so the canvas can be applied without tearing. Two coats of latex primer to all the wood will follow. Then we will have a canvas party and get that stapled/glued onto the frame.

Current opinion on the final boat color is running in favor of a bold yellow. Sounds good!

This photo shows the boat in its current state of construction.

This photo gives you a view of the floor. It is in 3 sections and is attached to the keel. It is also supported by the strakes on the bottom of the boat.

Moving Along

The SOF – canvas on wood frame kayak project rolls on. I have completed construction of the frame on the top. It is now time to flip the kayak over and add all the strakes on the bottom half of the boat. Once that is done, I can fit my plywood floor, sand down all the sharp edges, and spray the frame with latex primer.

In the first picture below, you can see the filler pieces I put in on the front and rear of the cockpit. This will give the canvas a nice smooth surface to lay over. I used a simple technique to “kerf”, or slit the pine so that it bends easily around the curve of the surface. This just involves many cuts with the table saw, as you can see.

This second photo shows the progress on the frame so far. I am pleased with the project, considering I have never attempted anything like this! Stay tuned!