Paint Your Wagon

Finally back at this SOF kayak project. Thanks to my son letting me use his extra – and warm – room, I have been able to do most of the painting on the yak. I am using an oil-based paint. There is much debate about oil versus latex, but many agree that the oil-based paint bonds better to the canvas and is more flexible than a latex paint. So we shall see.

The canvas can absorb an incredible amount of paint, making for slow going on the first coat. Subsequent coats are easier, and begin to show real color. I have also finished the backrest for the cockpit. The floor/seat, as well as the back rest will be a royal blue, adding a bit of contrast to the red hull and the white deck.

Oh, and just a tip……. RED PAINT IS DEADLY! It gets everywhere and is difficult to work with. I am glad to be done with that!

Enjoy the pics!