Clamp those rubrails

Today I got started on making and epoxying the rubrails along the sheers. As you can see in the photo below, the rails are made of 1/4-inch plywood, 1.5 inches wide. What you don’t see is that the rails will consist of 3 layers of wood for a total thickness of 3/4-inch. This will make the boat very sturdy and prevent flexing, or “oil-canning” as it is known. If you don’t understand that reference, you are too young!

I will epoxy each layer, then add another on top, being careful to stagger the joints along the way. I have found this is a quick way to saw up all those plywood scraps lying around. Oh – and there really is no such thing as having too many clamps! Onward!

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  1. ditch says:

    Should I go ahead and get you some more clamps, then? :)

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