Musings of an itinerant builder

I spend my evenings enjoying the cool of my basement ham shack/computer station. I peruse several boat building and sailing sites and forums. One site I enjoy is Duckworks Magazine. Their articles and forum are a wealth of information for such as I.

Tonight someone had posted about providing positive flotation in a plywood rowboat. Since that is essentially what I am building, and since it is essentially an open boat, this caught my eye. Most people agree that a plywood boat such as this will float even when full of water. The problem is, the top of the boat will probably be floating level with the water – no room for a crew member to get in and bail the water out. I need to build in some enclosed air space that cannot give way to the invading water. This will lift the boat above the water and allow effective bailing and re-entry.I will do some measuring, but I believe I can enclose the stern in a triangular ‘box’ and do the same at the bow, from the mast partner forward.

The midseat could also be enclosed with the use of one more plywood rectangle under the rear edge of the seat itself. With only a little plywood and some epoxy, I can create three separate air chambers without covering any usable interior living space. Stay tuned for photos and commentary on how this works!

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  1. ditch says:

    That sounds pretty cool.

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