Splash Time!

Finally! Today I attached the rudder – no small task, for reasons which remain unclear. But it is now functional and has a rudder hold-down to avoid any tendency to float up out of the gudgeons. Then I tackled the rigging of the sprit boom sail. I have never rigged a sprit. It took quite a while to get tension right so there were no big folds in the sail when it was raised. As often happens in life, it all came down to the snotter. This little pulley and rope combination controls the boom and tensions the peak of the sail. Properly balanced, the sail has no floppy mid-section and fills with air beautifully.

I have but to affix the oar locks and do some touch-up, and away (aweigh?) we go! Oh, there is also a photo of the cool handles I rigged up, too. Enjoy!

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  1. ditch says:

    That looks really good! Can’t wait to float it :)

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