Hey, It’s 2016!

Wow – Time shift and now I am back on this blog. Much has happened since my last post in 2013. Manchester even has an excellent Whitewater park, with 6 gates and lots of activity. Last summer we saw many kayaks flip over going through gates, which required a short walk off to the side to dump the water. People with proper equipment and some experience were doing great. Lots of kids with inflatable tubes or similar floats were having a blast. A few intrepid souls just strapped on a PFD and went through the course sitting down in the water!

We usually have some pretty low water levels during the late summer. That makes it tough as the gates get narrow and many rocks are exposed in the river bed. But it has been a boon to the town. Hard to drive through Manchester in the summer without seeing many vehicles carrying kayaks!

Our emphasis has been on sailing. We thoroughly enjoy our Potter 15, though it’s difficult to get out on the water as much as we’d like.The kayaks are all still in the shed, waiting to be used. It would be great to get out on the river and renew that part of our recreation. This year!

Here’s a link to some information about the Whitewater Park:

Manchester Whitewater Park

Have a white and safe winter! See ya on the other side!