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I practice with my Greenland paddle!

I practice with my Greenland paddle!

Hello out there – My real name is Mark, and I welcome you to my kayaking and building blog. I live in NE Iowa, and took up kayaking in April of 2009. I own a Perception Swifty 9.5 plastic kayak, along with my older son & his wife, and my younger son and his wife. My wife runs support, communications, and backup for us. I also purchased a Perception Pescador SOT when I retired from teaching in 2010. I have just now finished up a 12-foot SOF canvas kayak. This is my first building attempt – I hope it floats!

I have had great fun learning how to get in and out of the dang thing without drowning – moderate success at this point. Come on in – share your stories, photos, and helpful advice!


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