UPDATE!It is finally spring 2010 and I am nearly ready to build. I have tools, wood, canvas, glue, all kinds of fasteners, and plans with lots of helpful illustrations. I have been delayed a bit in taking over our garage for this project, but hope to saw wood by mid-May. I still need to pick up a disk sander and possibly a new bandsaw, but otherwise I am set to attempt something I have never attempted before. Stay tuned!

I am planning to build a skin-on-frame (SOF) kayak this spring. It will be a 12-foot boat, weighing in under 45 pounds. The frame will be strakes on ribs, with a 1.5-inch keel, all pine. #10 cotton duck canvas wil provide the covering. I plan to seal the wood frame, so the wood itself is still visible, and paint the canvas.

Stay tuned to this blog as we get underway!

UPDATE!  Here is the information and web site for the kayak I will be building this spring (2010). There is much here for the novice builder – like me – and for those just looking for something different. Enjoy!


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  1. Greg Tedford says:


    I just ordered the plans for the puddle cat from Roger Manns site and noticed you were issued hull number 3.

    How did your build turn out and do you have any videos or photos of your cat?

    This looks like a fun and stable little cat.

    I have built a one sheet canoe but it is very unstable and makes for an interesting day fishing but It was a proof of concept and total cost including paint was $40 to get me on the water.

    Looking forward to seeing your cat.


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